Rail e-Security Solutions

University OF Rail safety technology and management

Tirupathi and Bengaluru campus

VISION: Dr. Padmanabhan Chairman AIRSC an expert on rail safety and disaster management has played a key role to revolutionalize rail segment along with his Vice Chairman Dr. Rahul Misra an expert in management with global exposure envisioned sector-based education to create a capable population             

The extraordinary technological and business developments of the last decade are spawning new rules of economic development. Fueled by worldwide information networks, the fundamentals of business are being transformed in every market, industry, and the nation.

The rapid changes in business, technology, environment have created a new challenge in front of the education system. The rapidity and volatility of technical knowledge and market changes require leaders and professionals of global businesses to be highly adaptive and receptive to new and complex information

In this new business environment, and with new education policy2020corporations colleges, institutes and universities face many new challenges. The business has now become what is called ?a 24/7?affair

There are  many challenges  faced by today?s leading business schools around the globe Our University for Rail Technology and management for the 21st century transform the curriculum to reflect the needs of leadership for an economy driven by globalization and technology

ROADMAP FOR University for Rail Technology and Management

To transform professional programs into an employable one and to create a benchmark in the professional education system with a vision to create such flexibility which will meet the second demand of the business

In order to cater to the challenging environment around the globe, the above university will create a knowledge platform that will stand on creativity, competence, and challenge. The University model will follow the triangle approach-

a.         Online

b.         Blended

c.         Manual

The programs will be tailor-made totally focusing on autonomous and need-based theory recognized and endorsed by corporate

The University will create a portal and apart from the tailor-made programs, even different programs will be developed as per the need of the industry