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AIRSC Brain Factory

Brain Factory is a unique and a niche concept promoted by All INDIA Rail Safety Council

Dr. Padmanabhan and Dr. Rahul Misra are the brains behind the Brain Factory

Concept In Brain Factory students from different walks of life will participate in the entrance test followed by a presentation and personal interaction with the guardian of the student

AIRSC will select 50 brightest minds will arrange mentors and give them world-class facilities along with rigorous training to create quality professionals immediately ready for the job

AIRSC as per understanding will give the rail segment innovative and self-driven force

AIRSC will invite support from stakeholders CSR and other institutions to come forward and give this initiative at the national level

Eligibility criteria 10+2

Age limit 16 to 18 years

Registration fees Rs 100

Candidates who will complete raining in Brain Factory will be given an option for further studies


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