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Medicaid Ethos Private Limited (MEPL) is an organization which works in the healthcare space. The Healthcare vertical of MEPL is ‘Aarush’. MEPL-Aarush would like to offer a product in collaboration with ‘Vitacuro’

(Technology Partner) This is an IOT based platform on health with the following benefits :

1.            A cloud based digital platform with service for personalized health care.

2.            For prevention and better management of chronic diseases.

3.            Convenient Care delivered anytime, anywhere, recovers at the convenience of home.

4.            Coordinate with Labs for tests from the convenience of home.

5.            Periodic health risk assessments and analytics to provide health insights.

6.            Reach out to expert doctors for health issues and have video consultations.

7.            Prescription delivery to home from Pharmacies, Medication alerts for Treatment adherence.

8.            Social networks for patients to share best practices and learn.

9.            Stay on top of family health and ensure loved ones are taken care of.

10.          Share and communicate with family  better health.

Product and its loyalty benefit:

1.         IOT platform: IOT based platform with EMR can be used to upload all  family’s health records in app .

2.         Virtual Hospital: Platform will be a virtual hospital for health care needs and create awareness and knowledge on health.

3.         Pharmacy: Pharmacy at door step with  up to 20% of all prescription drugs and up to 15% cash back with partner's wallet.

4.         Discounts: Upton 65% discount on all diagnoses and up to 15% cash back. Up to 15% discount on OTC and FMCG products.

5.         Teleconsultation: Free Teleconsultation for pharmacy orders without a prescription and  subsequent tele consultations and second opinion with 20 plus specialists available for Video, audio and chat.

6.         Insurance: Insurance platform to compare with 20 plus insurers on various products to login new product or renew at a discounted price with hassle free platform.

7.         Medical Loan: Pre-Approved health loan which can be used in case of emergency for all health needs.

8.         Health Service: EMI for health services through credit card / credit lines / cardless emi.

9.         Tax Benefit: 80 D of tax saving up to Rs 5000/-  on preventive health tests.

10.       Loan services include Vehicle loan, personal,professional,educational , Creditcard consolidation, home furnishing, travel etc

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