Welcome to the All India Rail Safety Council 2023!

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Welcome to the All India Rail Safety Council 2023!

The All India Rail Safety Council provides, through its conference, a forum for an in-depth exchange of experience and lessons for improving rail safety and is exclusively devoted to rail safety issues.

The All India Rail Safety Council makes an important contribution to the ongoing improvement of railway safety and performance.

India is a country with a dense railway network that is built with safety and trust.

Since launching its high-speed railway service, India has made incredible strides to now have the world's fastest and the world’s first railway system with technology.

In India, the railway is recognized as the safest and most convenient method of transportation. Over the past years, India has achieved a dramatic decline in accident rates. The main reasons for the decrease in train accidents were investments in safety, nationwide risk controls, and safety culture. These were influenced by sharing knowledge and experiences for the rail industry.

Just as India has achieved many safety improvements, we want to share our experiences with other countries as well.

Join All India Rail Safety Council 2023 to share the rail safety industry’s knowledge and innovation!

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