Rail e-Security Solutions

KRAFT is a manufacturing company offering a diverse and powerful range of electrical products for industrial, residential and commercial uses. KRAFT is an ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 Certified Co., with a history spanning well over a decade. We are specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of a comprehensive product portfolio consisting of Wires & Cables, Switch Gears, MCB's, DB's and Lighting Solutions. Kraft integrate honesty & business ethics into all aspects of its business functioning. Our team comprises of highly qualified & experienced manpower to fulfill company's goal. Having a huge network of distributors, dealers with public and private sector projects across the nation.

KRAFT is reaching new heights of success by every day.

Innovation begins where the rules ends, this is our simple belief. For the last decade, we have broken every rule that says “ products have to be designed like this and not like that. ” We have brused aside every hurdle that came in the way of creating an innovative product, and never second guessed the consumer. Which is why, we have created products that are not only ingrain safety, aesthetics and economy but constantly raise the bar on accepted standards. We have believed in redefining the future instead of waiting for it to happen.

We are here to build a great company. A company that has achieved the highest levels of customer satisfaction. A great place to work, a provider of exceptionally high quality products and services, a Company that carries itself in the market place with the highest level of business integrity and ethics, a company composed of dedicated, accomplished professionals, committed to customer.

Over the decade, we at KRAFT have successfully created a remarkable reputation for our enterprise by establishing unrevealed quality, flexibility and reliability in all our product and service offering. Central to this achievement has been our drive to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Today, we are An ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 Certified Co., as our business grows to shape new horizons for both our own people and the communities which we serve, we remain committed to our philosophy of producing high quality electrical products which comply with the highest international standards, developing mutually beneficial partnership with our customers, investing in human capital and maintaining our stance as good corporate citizens.

As a premier player in the region’s electrical industry with ambitious growth plans in a competitive market environment, we have embraced the task of re-branding ourselves externally and internally, in order to prepare for all our future endeavours. Through the promise of making electrical matter, Kraft product’s will continue to strive not only to maintain but enhance its reputation by a process of continuous improvement in every area of its operations.

As an existing or potential customer, your unstinted support is highly valued as we continue to grow and participate in the development of the electrical industry with a widest product portfolio like Wires & Cables, Switch Gears, MCB’s & DB’s, Modular Switches & Accessories and lighting Fixtures.

We are here to build a company in which we all can take GREAT PRIDE.