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AIRSC ACADEMY OF SAFETY AND DISASTER MANAGEMENT  provides participants with the knowledge and skills associated with providing safety at workplaces. The course educates them to have a broad understanding and ability to manage safety & security and also related regulations and compliance procedures along with know-how on safety equipment, safety standards, and practices and precautions.

We are the institution of excellence – committed to offering students a better educational environment and Workshop training too. We offer Safety Management courses with extensive practical and technical visits along with attachment and training programs.

As this course requires hands-on practical exposure to modern railway technology, we ensure industrial visits, exposure sessions, industrial training, and safety training during the course of training to equip our students with practical knowledge and exposure to become job ready.

As we all are aware that the education system in the country is changing rapidly and hence the need of the era is to provide skilled professionals and engineers to the country who will contribute to building modern India. We are totally committed to providing excellent training for Safety Engineers and they will be trained in a wide range of skills related to firefighting, safety measures, and other key areas for the Railways, Metro Rail Projects, High-Speed Rail Projects, and oil & gas industries and for various govt sectors, etc.

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