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Life is valuable. Which is why as humans, we do everything to protect it and keep our lives safe against any untoward incidents or accidents that may lead to injury or even death. The importance of safety in all aspects of our lives is quite obvious. There are a lot of reasons why and here are some.

To avoid accidents. Most of the time accidents happen due to recklessness and irresponsibility. People who don’t follow the safety precautions always end up getting injured or worse, getting killed. Whether it’s inside the house or in

To stay healthy. Eating the right kind of food and doing exercise is also another safety measure. It keeps your body in shape and keeps you safe from unwanted sickness. Having a healthy body is a blessing. Not only does it save you from harmful diseases, but it also saves you from spending too much on medicines and hospital bills. The workplace, exercising safety precautions is a must.

To live a long life. Responsible  people are those who take care of themselves and of others because of the people who love them. It’s not easy to lose a loved one, a friend or a family member. If you want to live a long life together with all the people you love, live your life safely.

Promoting safety everywhere teaches public awareness and discipline. People who work with jobs which involve dangers are always briefed and are required to wear safety gears. Examples of these are cooked, engineers, carpenters, policemen, fire fighter, and chemists etc. This can also be adapted inside the house, school or workplace and even in the streets where there are a lot of people driving cars because accidents can happen anytime, anywhere.

To prevent unexpected dilemmas from raising, planning is another essential part of being safe .A lot of times. In conclusion ,you may say that life is not predictable, That no accidents or troubles can be prevented with careful planning, organization and implementation, mater how hard you try to protect yourself, sometimes accidents just happen or you may say that life is worth the risk but for me it’s never worth your life or the lives of others, if you can prevent it then do it. There’s no harm in keeping oneself safe.